It’s Autumn! Time to Go to the Cider Mill!

As summer slips away and autumn bursts forth with all her glory, we here in Michigan look forward to our annual trek to the cider mill! There are cider mills big and small all over Michigan, each one unique with its own charm, and a delight for the whole family!

Today I want to share about Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill, which is almost in my backyard. Our family has been a customer there for over 30 years, and the kids had field trips there with their schools pretty much yearly when they were little.  You enter the gravel parking lot off of a dirt road, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This is Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill, opened August 31 to November 10. There is no fee to visit or park. They know you will have to have some of their delicious cider, and maybe some doughnuts, too!

It was a little overcast and in the low 60’s when I went. Perfect cider mill weather, and it was busy!

They have added all sorts of things over the years to give people the full autumn experience. Wagons for kids to climb on, perfect for pictures! Bales of hay and bright potted mums, all for sale so you can spruce up your front porch for the season!

Fun scarecrows and picture ops everywhere!

Beautiful flowers line nooks and crannies all over and are for sale!

Gorgeous colors of bright yellow with hints of orange, and deep plum and wine colors!

You can feel your heart get lighter just walking the grounds! Below, some of the “Hay Bale Art”, isn’t it fun?

Back in 1977, the land was purchased by Mary Emmett, who had a dream for a farm and orchards, a family destination for a wholesome and educational experience. In 2013, she transitioned it to a completely organic farm. There are wagon rides, and a cider press where they make the delicious cider. They bake pies, provide school tours, have farm animals, and are the perfect destination to celebrate all of the wonderful things about fall in Michigan!

Above the path to the farm animals. Below, a beautiful day at Plymouth Orchards.

A couple of friends from the farm saying hello!

Kids of all ages enjoying the day!

Bright cheerful signs with fun facts make a fantastic day even better!

On each flap is a question,

And you lift the flap to find the answer!

They have a few tractors kids can climb on.

And butterflies as well as bees stop by for the pollen! This little friend was right by the door to the doughnuts and cider!

And it was time to go get some cider! As I was walking in, I heard a little one (very little) using his language skills as he excitedly told his mom, “That’s the place where we eat… where we eat… where we eat the ‘mapkins’!” Pure gold that I was able to hear that!

Welcome to the store!

Icy cold cider!

Fresh apples in so many varieties!

Pies are cooling!

Jars and jars of apple butter, pumpkin butter, all sorts of goodies,

Syrups, mixes,


Caramel Apples,

And if all you want is one apple, you can get that too!

And a host of the nicest staff who have been coming back year after year. This is where you pay and also select doughnuts. I asked her if I could order two of each kind (cinnamon sugar, plain, & powdered sugar). “Of course!” She said with a bright smile. “You can have whatever you like!”

If you want to sit down inside and enjoy your doughnuts and cider right then and there, you can do that too!

But I wanted to get outside and soak in the autumn goodness! And just a mile north or so, they have a small store for people that just want to pull in to pick up some of the delicious treats to take home quick on the go! I stopped by there as well, and cars were coming and going!

A man had his jug of cider and bag of doughnuts as I entered and he was whistling cheerfully a tune from The Wizard of Oz.

A lady in line ordered a “Cider Slushy” and it was piled so high it almost overflowed. She laughed and slurped off the top so she could put the lid and straw on! It is pretty hard not to smile in a place like this!

Well, it was time to head home with my treasures, but I couldn’t wait.

I got home and opened the beautiful bounty!

I bought a slice each of pumpkin and apple pie… for research purposes, of course!

And of course, apples, cider and doughnuts!

Let’s get into those doughnuts and cider!

My husband likes the plain doughnuts, Jake likes powdered sugar, and I like every doughnut I ever met! Honestly, they were so fresh, fluffy and delicious! And the cider has that rich, fresh, sweet yet tart flavor, there is nothing else like it!

There are so many wonderful moments in a trip to the cider mill! But the loveliest of all are those little golden moments where you see people putting aside their cares to bask in the glorious joy that is autumn! As you walk the grounds, your stress begins to roll away like water off a duck’s back. This is a place to find laughter and joy and to make lovely memories! You feel like a kid again! You feel like you!

I hope you have time to make it to a cider mill or orchard this year! It is like the kickoff to a beautiful autumn! And it will fill you with a gratefulness for all the simple and good things in life!

Have a fantastic week!

I’ll be back Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday!

Love Always,


Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.   


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  1. Ok, Amy, it’s not often that I regret our move to southern California, but oh the memories you have given me! We lived in MI in the early 90’s (and my husband is from there) Fall was a glorious time, and we loved nothing more than visiting the apple orchards and cider mills! No, I would never move back to the midwest, but bring on the photos ’cause I am exploding with nostalgia over here!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awe Lori, I am so glad it brought back some lovely memories! I am so glad for your happiness in Southern California and glad to share this Michigan moment with you! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh how lovely! We were on a drive after sunset last night too, but on some dirt roads a little further south. I was so happy to see the sun peek through after the rainy day! We were treated to seeing several deer which made my night!

  2. Wow…what a different experience than our apple picking at the AZ orchard. This is exactly what I thought it would be…but hey!! We still had fun.
    What a fun day for you Amy,

  3. Amy, I absolutely loved this post! Fall is my favorite season in Austria, and nothing signals the start of it like fresh cider for sale. There’s a little distillery and cider producer in our town, and every fall they set up a fridge outside their shop where you can stop and help yourself to a bottle of their freshly made cider. It costs 2 euros a bottle and there’s a cash box that you can throw your coins in. I look forward to that every year! Unfortunately, there are no donuts.

  4. Amy,
    this post brought back so many memories for the fall when my kids where little. Do you remember apple dunking? Oh, yes and I love pumpkin pie. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Oh my gosh! This reminds me of a place near my home. And, on the way home from work today, I noticed a hay bale(like the one in your photo) that was made to look like spider! That must be the thing to do now – dress up your hay bales! My kids are lovers of cold cider and I prefer a hot cider drink. Another post that just made me smile! Nice job creating warmth, Amy!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I think you are right that painting bales of hay is a “thing” now! It’s really a cute idea! I love cider cold or hot! It is good! Thank you for your kind words!

  6. Amy,
    I love hearing about your family fall tradition visiting Cider Mill in Michigan. Everything screams autumn: hay rides, apples, cider, and of course, mums. Let’s not forget sipping the cider and munching on those donuts.