Tasty Tuesday and Game Day Favorites

Hi Friends! This week are 3 of the most popular recipes I have shared that would be great for enjoying while watching the game! We are closing out the month of September with these fan favorites, as we get ready to roll into October with some new things on the horizon!

These photos were all taken by my friend and expert photographer Maribeth Schmidt. Maribeth is passionate about food photography and we have many amazing memories working on these recipes. If you would like to see more of her work, you can find her at: Maribeth Schmidt Photography

You cannot lose with a great bowl of chili, and what is even better is if it is easy to put together! So my chili recipe is one from my mother-in-law, Joyce Kennedy, who always called it “The Frito Dish”. The cornbread recipe is sooooo good you will swoon over it! And once again, so easy! And the guacamole is one I have shared before compliments of my dear friend, Anita Weldon.

Let’s begin with that guacamole! My friend, Anita who was also my boss for years and years (the kind of boss that makes you want to be like them they are so nice!) One day Anita invited us all to the lunch table at work and said, “I’m going to teach you all how to make guacamole!” And she did! Right in front of us she demonstrated how to make it and shared it with us! And it was so easy and good! And the secret ingredient…. Lawrey’s Seasoning Salt! For real, my friend! This takes every avocado where it is dying to go! If you would like to try this super simple no fail recipe, you can find it here: Guacamole

Next is my mother-in-law’s chili recipe… so easy and so good! See that big bowl of Fritos Scoops right alongside that tempting bowl of chili? So good! I promise you! If you would like the chili recipe, please click here: Chili

And finally, this cornbread recipe is going to leave your friends begging for it, because it is so moist, so sweet, so delicious, and yes so easy! Another convenience food wonder! If you would like the recipe for this cornbread, please click here: Cornbread

There is nothing like pulling out all the stops for fantastic food at a get together. But what makes it even better is when that fantastic food is made easy and time saving with convenience foods. So you have some energy left to enjoy with your friends and family!

Every time you serve something you have prepared yourself it is a way to tell someone you love them! And believe me it translates!

Life is a gift, and if we can make it wonderfully sweet by indulging the ones we love, it is all the better!

Have a fantastic day!

Love Always,


Anything made with love, BAM! -It’s a beautiful meal!   ~Emeril Lagasse



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